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For more than 30 years our team of highly skilled physicians has worked to make the dream of having a family reality. Our unique approach towards the Egg Donor journey ensures superior egg quality for the Intended Parents with a rewarding and positive experience for the Egg Donors.
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Why Lucina

Why Choose Lucina To Build Your Family

We understand that just the decision about which egg bank to choose for your family creation can be overwhelming. This is why we designed an egg bank that encapsulates the best traits of all egg banks that are available to you.

Intended Parents

The Beginning Of Finding Your Perfect Match

Lucina Egg Bank Advantage

Your journey to parenthood will be shorter and more predictable with Lucina. Our Quality donor eggs are frozen through vitrification and stored in our on-site laboratory.

Egg Donor Gallery

Find the ideal donor you've been looking for. Our gallery offers a large selection of current banked Egg Donors.


We understand this journey to parenthood comes with a lot of questions. That is why we compiled our most frequently asked questions for you.

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Meet Lucina Refleggction AI

Find Your Ideal Egg Donor Using Advanced Facial Recognition Matching

Lucina ReflEggction brings the first of its kind donor matching process in the US that uses an advanced facial recognition algorithm based on phenotypic traits and a biometric scan. It analyzes various facial features and presents donors from our database who look the most like the Intended Parents.

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Find Out What Our Past Intended Parents Have To Say

My husband and I started trying for a baby one year after we got married. Initially, we thought it would conceive within a couple of months. But after a year passed and we still haven't… Read More
I could recall the exact moment when my hubby and I decided we were going to have a baby. It was in mid-February 2013. We have been married for two years – both had well-paying… Read More
Although I always knew I would have trouble getting pregnant,I did not know my husband and I would face so many challenges when trying to build our own family. I got married when I about… Read More
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Become An Egg Donor

Learn More On How You Can Change A Life

Egg Donation Program


In order to become an Egg Donor, you must fulfill the qualification criteria as egg donation is highly regulated by FDA.


We are making it as easy as possible for you to help fulfill someone's dream of creating a family. Our egg donation process is simple and fast.


We completely understand that you have questions! Here you can find a list of our most frequently asked questions about the process, compensation, safety and more.

Gifted Futures EggShare Program

Program Benefits

Your selfless act of sharing your eggs as an anonymous donor enables individuals and couples who face infertility challenges to experience the joys of parenthood.

This program gives you the unique advantage of keeping and freezing half of the retrieved eggs.

Our partner clinic offers up to 8 years of free storage for your frozen eggs, ensuring their safekeeping until you decide to utilize them.

Lucina covers all costs related to travel, medications, and monitoring during the donation process.

What is the Gifted Futures EggShare Program

The “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program is a unique opportunity for compassionate women to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others while safeguarding their own fertility. It is a program where donors can donate half of their retrieved eggs to help Intended Parents who are struggling with infertility. In return, donors are rewarded by being able to freeze and store the remaining half of their eggs for up to 8 years. This program allows donors to assist others in their journey to parenthood while preserving their own reproductive options for the future. It’s a compassionate and empowering way to give and receive.


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