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Our commitment to quality assurance includes collaborating with your IVF clinic to ensure we are a cohesive extension of your services.

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Lucina Egg Bank Success Rates

Physician Stimulated Donor Cycle

Lucina Egg Bank (Year 2022)

Industry Average

Survival rate



ICSI fertilization



Blastocyst formation



Clinical pregnancy success rate (Based on hCG Level)



*Data is for frozen donor eggs only


Benefits Of Our Partnership

Patient Service

Our only focus is excellent service in providing donor eggs. Lucina Egg Bank does not offer clinical treatments for patients. Our egg cohorts are directly shipped to you, so your patients won’t need to travel. Your patients stay at your clinic, where they feel comfortable.

Centralized Control

Our highly specialized team is focused on the details that matter to your outcomes. From recruitment to protocols, and most importantly, the selection criteria, we have full oversight over the entire process.

No Hidden Fees

We do not ask for any fee payments, special arrangements, consultation fees or contracts with practices. Your patients also do not have to pay anything before they decide which egg cohort is the one they want to select.

Efficient Process

We support your practice by reducing cost and staff time for donor recruitment and screening, ovarian stimulation, egg vitrification, and shipping. That lets you focus on taking care of the patient.

Partnership Benefit

Your clinic benefits from our services by keeping your patients at your clinic and accelerating the timeline for them to become parents. Moreover, our donor bank is expansive, and we make available all our candidates from banking and matching programs to allow parents to have a wider selection without taking on the costs of a full retrieval.

Excellent Service

We have created an extensive donor database, quality control system, and comprehensive customer relations management system through the years, offering egg cohorts for patients.

Immediate Availability

We have a large pool of top-quality donor eggs that your patients can choose from. Unlike other egg banks that show profiles of egg donors whose eggs are not frozen yet, our egg cohorts are immediately available. For incoming donors, we clearly indicate their process is underway, allowing patients to reserve egg lots in advance. Our oocytes can be shipped to you within one week of payment.

Tailored Protocols

All of the stimulation protocols are individualized, leading to higher quality of eggs. Regular analysis allows for continual improvements in all aspects of the process from donor selection, freezing technique, transportation, as well as technical operations using data obtained by our expert team.

Training and Assistance

We offer unparalleled assistance to your laboratory staff with our one-to-one Zoom sessions, led by our highly trained embryologists during the first thaw of gametes obtained from our egg bank.

Outcome and Quality Control

We have developed a sophisticated automated system that manages outcomes and quality control based on our expertise in providing donor gametes worldwide.

Data Driven

We take a data-driven approach to optimizing and continually improving our laboratory operations. Our scientific team closely examines and analyzes the protocols and techniques we use for stimulation and vitrification, among other vital processes, to ensure that we consistently deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Continuous Enhancements

By leveraging the latest data and insights, we can make targeted improvements that enhance the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of our operations.

Lucina ReflEggction face match gif 1

Lucina ReflEggction: Revolutionizing Donor Matching through AI

We are leaping into the next era of donor matching with Lucina Egg Bank’s state-of-the-art facial recognition system. The ReflEggction face match AI leverages a sophisticated algorithm focused on phenotypic traits and biometric scans. This groundbreaking technology assesses intricate facial features and presents donor profiles from our extensive database that resemble the Intended Parents the most.

Today, most egg donor agencies and egg banks base matches on standard clinical and phenotypical criteria such as hair color, height, and blood type. Lucina ReflEggction elevates this experience by streamlining and enhancing the donor egg journey for your patients, ensuring a faster, more intuitive, and successful match.

Are you eager to delve deeper into this innovation? Get in touch with us.

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The Lucina Promise

Embryo Development Guarantee at Lucina Egg Bank

Guarantees on Each Cohort of Eggs

At Lucina Egg Bank, we assure that at least one blastocyst embryo will develop from each donor egg cohort sent to your clinic. This assurance fosters confidence throughout your patient’s journey and gives them peace of mind. Additionally, we further guarantee that at least one Euploid Blastocyst will be produced from each cohort of at least six eggs. If the recipient IVF center fails to create a Euploid Blastocyst, despite a normal semen analysis, Lucina will provide a complimentary replacement cohort of at least six (6) frozen eggs.


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Whether your IVF clinic wants to become our partner to help patients look for quality vitrified donor eggs or your patient begins the process after seeing a donor profile they like on our donor database, we are ready to guide you through the process every step of the way.

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