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What is ReflEggction

Choosing an Egg Donor can be a daunting and time-consuming process. You want to find a donor who shares your physical traits, personality, values, and most of all, has facial resemblance with you or your partner. But how do you find the right one for you?

Lucina ReflEggction brings the first of its kind donor matching process in the US that uses an advanced facial recognition algorithm based on phenotypic traits and a biometric scan. It analyzes various facial features and presents donors from our database who look the most like the Intended Parents.

Today, almost all clinics rely solely on clinical and phenotypical criteria (hair and eye color, height, complexion, blood group etc.) when it comes to finding a compatible donor for the patient. At Lucina Egg Bank, we go a step further with the inclusion of our Lucina ReflEggction technology, aimed at making your donor egg parenthood journey faster, easier and successful. 

Lucina Donor Gallery Advantages

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Extensive Gallery

Choose from a vast database of diverse and pre-screened Egg Donors. Find donors from Asian, Jewish, African American etc. backgrounds

Personalized Support

Our dedicated team provides professional guidance from finding your donor to coordinating the donation and delivery

Global Reach

Our services extend worldwide, offering donor egg solutions to Intended Parents across the globe

Proven Success

We have helped thousands of Intended Parents achieve their dream of having a baby, providing you with confidence and trust in our service

What Makes ReflEggction Unique

First in the Nation

ReflEggction is the first and only donor matching app in the US that finds a match based on both phenotypic traits and biometric scans

Accurate and Secure

Uses advanced facial recognition technology that is fast, accurate, and secure, giving you peace of mind

User Friendly

Quick, simple and easy to use, the app is designed to make it superb user-friendly and convenient for your needs

Time Saving

We ensure Intended Parents can easily and quickly find a donor who looks like them without having to manually search for donors on gallery 

How to Use ReflEggction

Our donor face match feature is quick, easy to use, and highly accurate. Here’s how it works:

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Our Team Gets to Work Finding Your Ideal Donor

Your dedicated coordinator will help you select your best photos and then utilize our technology to find donors with your desired phenotypical traits and facial resemblance

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What Our Successful Parents Say

Evelyn S.
I donated two years back when I was still in college. Two of my friends from school had already donated so I asked them every question I could think of before deciding to apply. I… Read More
Ellie S
At first, I only thought of earning extra money to help pay down my student loans. After a few cycles, the meaning of being an “egg donor” changed for me. It became about the experience,… Read More
Amara A.
I have donated twice with Lucina Egg Bank, and my experience both times was positive. They have a nice, welcoming, and compassionate team that prioritized my questions and safety during the donation process. Although I… Read More
E. Fulcher
It has always been my dream to donate eggs, and I’m happy I chose Lucina Egg Bank for my donation. The staff was experienced, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Michelle, Ava, and the others were able… Read More
Hannah W.
Lucina Egg Bank is an excellent place to donate eggs! As a first-time donor, I had a lot of questions about the process, and the team took the time to answer all of them, making… Read More
Wang Y.
The experience couldn’t have been more positive and the process was 10 times easier than I thought it would be. I’ve donated twice and they are great to work with. Both of my coordinators, Lena… Read More
Feng X.
Lucina Egg Bank is a great place if you're looking to donate eggs. I just did my first egg donation with them, and I couldn't have worked with a better team. They answered my questions… Read More
Natalie S.
Lucina Team is helpful and totally supportive. Elaine and Rachel made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and made the donation cycle so much easier. Read More
Patricia J.
Third time donating to this program. Every time, it's been straightforward and I felt supported, valued, and appreciated from start to finish. The staff is very caring and makes sure I’m comfortable throughout the process.… Read More
Olivia K.
I have donated twice with Lucina, and I had a great experience both times. I admit that their screening process took a while the first time, but I was grateful to learn about my genetics… Read More
Andrea G.
I had a really satisfying experience with Lucina Egg Bank. The attention of the doctors was incredible and my coordinator was attentive at all times. Thanks for everything. Read More
Kelly X.
They are a very patient and very responsible team, they answer my questions and my concerns with very specific details. I would strongly recommend it. Read More
Felicia V.
The staff makes sure that your experience there is as comfortable as possible. Everyone was so nice, and they always got back to me as soon as possible too. Read More
Linh T.
I completed my cycle with Lucina. It was such a wonderful experience. My coordinator was really thoughtful and helped me through the entire process. Would recommend it!!!!! Read More
Wanda H.
I completed my 2nd Cycle with this Lucina Egg Bank. The coordinators and nurses are so great, and friendly, and supported me every step of the way. Would surely recommend 100 %. Read More
I had an egg bank process with Lucina Egg Bank and it went to good and great experience. The staff is very nice and Dr. was really friendly and nice to me! Ellen and Dina… Read More
Eric A.
Lucina Egg Bank was recommended to me by a friend who had used their services. I was impressed with our easy their website is to navigate and their donor selection. I also liked that they… Read More
Kelly X.
They are very patient and very responsible team, they answer my questions and my concerns with very specific details. I would strongly recommend. Read More
We had the best experience with Lucina Egg Bank. Our intended parent manager was Natalie B. and she was simply amazing. She was very kind, patient, knowledgeable, and always on top of things. The whole… Read More
Walter E.
Our fertility clinic didn’t have any donors available of our ethnicity, which made us hesitant to go forward. Being able to check donor gallery for free and see that there are donors like us out… Read More
Noelia A.
It took me some time to digest the fact that I cannot produce healthy eggs. It was a strange and depressing feeling at first. When our doctor first proposed egg donation, I couldn't shake the… Read More
I had thought about becoming an egg donor since my sophmore year in college and applied to a few programs. I was accepted to 2 but didn't realize I had to be selected by a… Read More
I have previously donated with two different agencies, but my experience with Luciana Egg Bank was completely different. The process moved quickly, their communication was excellent, and they made me feel like part of their… Read More
Louise H.
It has always been my dream to donate eggs, and I’m happy I chose Lucina Egg Bank for my donation. The staff was experienced, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Michelle, Ava, and the others were able… Read More
Yami Y.
Just finished my second cycle with Lucina and the process couldn't have been easier. I had been accepted into 9 other programs but none contacted me with a match. I was selected for Lucina's banking… Read More
Rithelly S.
Our clinic was partnered with Lucina and once the treatment path was decided, we started looking for a donor on their gallery. Thankfully, we found a donor who looked a lot like me. I have… Read More
Anna T.
I just completed my first-ever egg donation with Lucina Egg Bank, and it was an amazing experience. They were very responsive to any questions I had, and the entire process went well. The staff were… Read More

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Common Question You May Be Asking
How does ReflEggtion feature work?

Lucina ReflEggction uses advanced facial recognition technology to scan and compare your or your partner’s photo and match it with the photos of our hundreds of screened and qualified Egg Donors. It analyzes various facial features such as shape, size, color, distance, etc. and calculates a similarity score for each donor. The higher the score, the more similar the donor is to you or your partner.

How do I use the app?

After signing in to your Lucina Egg Bank gallery, request to try the Lucina ReflEggction feature. We will reach out to you and help you guide through the donor selection process with ReflEggction.

How many matches will I get?

You will get as many profiles as there are donors in our gallery who have a good similarity score. You can also filter the presented donor profiles using other criteria such as ethnicity, education, blood group etc.

Is my photo and information secure?

Yes. We prioritize privacy and handle all data with utmost confidentiality. Your photo and other personal information will remain secure and confidential. We use encryption and other privacy measures to protect your data. We do not share your photo or information with anyone without your consent.

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