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We are taking the egg bank model to the next level. Whether you are an Egg Donor or donor recipient, we make creating a family an enjoyable process.

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Lucina is the Roman goddess of light and fertility, safeguarding women through childbirth. At Lucina Egg Bank, we are dedicated to helping you start your family by taking the frozen egg bank concept to the next level.

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Comprehensive Screening and Rigid Protocols

As all aspects of our customized donation program are completed by our highly skilled staff at our state-of-the-art facility, you can relax in the knowledge that we provide the highest possible level of excellence and care.

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The Partner On Your Journey

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The Gift of a Family to Others with Guaranteed Compensation

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We Believe That Everyone Has the Right to Become a Parent

Benefits of Frozen Eggs

Our Frozen Egg Bank Gives You a More Flexible Approach to Treatment

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Fresh Donor Cycle

  1. Historically, Egg Donation has only occurred through fresh cycles.
  2. This type of donation is full of uncertainty and recipients are often left disappointed due to canceled donor cycles or fewer-than-expected mature eggs being received after egg collection.
  3. Furthermore, as donors will typically only travel to a clinic in their local area, the selection of available donors is limited, making it difficult to find your perfect match.

Frozen Donor Cycle With Us

  1. Our donor eggs are frozen and immediately available to be used by you at a significantly lower cost compared to fresh donations.
  2. This means you know exactly how many mature eggs you will be receiving before your treatment begins, giving you peace of mind.
  3. As all our donor eggs are already collected, you can coordinate your pregnancy without having to synchronize your cycle with a donor’s, giving you flexibility in when you decide to start your family.
  4. Because we have an extensive selection of donors available from across the world, your chances of finding a perfect match are greatly improved compared to fresh donations.

Success Stories

Read Our Favorite Inspirational Success Stories From Our Past Parents

cute Baby
My husband and I started trying for a baby one year after we got married. Initially, we thought it would conceive within a couple of months. But after a year passed and we still haven't had our baby, we visiteda clinic and began the fertility testing. The results didn't provide any clue as to why we couldn't get pregnant. Wefirst decided to try intrauterine insemination (IUI). After four unsuccessful IUI cycles, we proceeded to IVF. We completed two rounds of IVF, both unsuccessful. We then decided to change clinics after a frustrating discussion with the doctor. We then met with Dr. David Harari at Lucina. He conducted more tests, but the results still came back the same – unexplained infertility. We had another IVF cycle, and we became pregnant!We were extremely happy. We could not believe it. Unfortunately, I lost the pregnancy two weeks later. We were disturbed. We completed…Read More
cute baby laughing
I could recall the exact moment when my hubby and I decided we were going to have a baby. It was in mid-February 2013. We have been married for two years – both had well-paying jobs and were holidaying in Dubai. I just turned 28 and was very sure we had a lot of time to try. A year passed, and we thoughtmaybe our timing wasn't right. I was not too bothered. Hey, I was just 29 years of age, and we had a lot of friends within our age group and some even older who were getting pregnant without any issues. When another year went by and I still didn't conceive, I started to become a little bit worried. But I was living in denial,as I refused to believe something could be wrong. After 3 years of unsuccessful tries, it was clear we needed to have things checked out.…Read More
cute baby girls face
Although I always knew I would have trouble getting pregnant,I did not know my husband and I would face so many challenges when trying to build our own family. I got married when I about to clock 40 and had suffered from endometriosis, tubal problems, and fibroids. Not a great start! However, we began our family-building journey with much enthusiasm, believing "a little assistance" would bring us the child we so much desire.I had always dreamed of being a mother ever since I was a little kid, babysitting and carryingother people's children, waiting for the time when I would get pregnant and havemy own baby." We began IVF treatment using my eggs at 41, andthe reproductive endocrinologist told us that my "advanced maternal age"meant I might have a few good eggs left, but we were not discouraged. My first egg retrieval yielded 4 eggs, and 2 of them were fertilized…Read More

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