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Partner with Lucina to offer your patients unparalleled support, expert guidance, and a comprehensive range of services. Together, let’s empower families to realize their dreams with confidence and compassion. Your patient referral is the highest compliment for us.
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Clinical Confidence in Your Recommendation

As the premier egg bank nationwide, we bring a unique level of control to every aspect of the third-party reproduction process. Our comprehensive model ensures that your clinic can confidently recommend our services to patients seeking support on their family creation journey.
With a centralized approach to egg banking, our experienced team ensures seamless collaboration with your clinic. Offering a complimentary consultation, we provide an opportunity for your patients to explore how our services align with your clinic’s dedication to reproductive health.
Discover the assurance that comes from partnering with the nation’s leading egg bank, where clinical expertise and personalized support converge to fulfill the dreams of aspiring families.
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The Lucina Egg Bank Advantage

No Hidden Fee

We do not ask for any fee payments, special arrangements, consultation fees or contracts. Your patients need not pay anything until they choose a desirable egg cohort.

No Wait Time

Our frozen egg cohorts allow your patients to start their cycles without any delay. We boast one of the largest Asian egg cohort collections and egg donors from diverse backgrounds.

Success Rates

Our donor egg success rates are the best in the nation with 92.3% survival rate, 84.8% ICSI fertilization and 75% donor eggs resulting in clinical pregnancy success.

Partnership Benefit

We offer donor database integration for your website and worldwide shipment that reduces cost and time and allows you to focus on patient care.