Financing Your Donor Egg Parenthood

Lucina Egg Bank aims at making donor egg parenthood options more accessible to everyone. This is why we always strive to give you the best pricing with complete transparency about the costs.
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Talk to our Financial Coordinator

No Upfront Fees

There are no upfront fees until interested parents have found their ideal Egg Donor.

Affordable Cohorts

We’re proud to be one of the most affordable egg banks in the U.S. Our egg cohorts come at a comparatively lower fixed-price as our bid to make donor egg cycles much accessible for everyone.

Fixed Price

The cost of donor egg cohort and shipping will be discussed with our Intended Parent-Egg Donor Specialist. The price is fixed, and there are no extra charges.

Available Discounts

We offer great discounts for military personnel or multiple cohort purchases.

Our Financial Partners

We have partnered with many fertility treatment lenders to help our Intended Parents seeking financing assistance. The loan amount you can qualify for will be based on several factors such as credit score, gross earnings, earnings to debt ratios, length of employment, homeownership, etc.

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