Egg donation is one of the most rewarding and pleasing experiences a woman can ever have. Donating eggs is a selfless act that can change the life of another person or couple forever. But apart from a lifetime of satisfaction, Egg Donors also make handsome compensation at the end of the two-week procedure.

How much do Egg Donors make?

Women who are donating for the first time get paid starting at $8,000 per donation. The amount of money you receive as compensation depends on several factors, including:

  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Donation history etc.

Experienced donors get paid more

Experienced Egg Donors may be paid a higher amount since hopeful parents can review information from their previous egg retrieval. This allows them to have a better understanding of the quantity and quality of eggs previously harvested from that donor.

Besides, experienced donors understand the whole egg donation process and the level of commitment that is required. This significantly lowers compliance risks with the hopeful parents.

Why should we pay Egg Donors?

Egg donor compensation is meant to cover the effort and time donors put into the donation process. The amount they get paid also ensures they can focus on caring for themselves throughout hormone intake and check-ups of egg donation.

Egg Donors should be celebrated for what they do and compensated for their effort. Hopeful parents are glad to pay you to show gratitude.

Caution 1: Accepting a huge payout for an egg donation is not advised

There are compensation guidelines in place to make sure the egg donation process is not financially coercive. We, at Lucina Egg Bank, are completely against such practice, as Intended Parents are actually looking for women who want to donate for the right reasons. These are women who are helping another person while also assisting themselves, and at times, the advertisements placed by patients may put more emphasis on the financial reward.

This may lead people to think that a woman probably donates her eggs solely because of the money she will receive. Moreover, the Egg Donor would find her calling to help others overshadowed by the high compensation and might regret donating later on. Such a scenario can affect her for the remainder of her life.

Caution 2: It is not advised to donate more than six times

This is not only to ensure the health of the donor but also to make sure there are not many half-siblings running around without knowing one another.

Since there is no national Oocyte Donor registry or forced disclosure policy in the United States, it is not compulsory that parents tell their babies whether or not they are conceived with donor eggs. Due to this reason, the six-time limit is not properly monitored. Some women may donate six times at one clinic and go on to donate a couple more times at another. Sperm banks also have a certain limit regarding the number of times you can make donations, although it varies from one place to another.

The guidelines dished out by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommend limiting a donor to 25 children per population area of 850,000.

What can you do with the Egg Donor compensation?

Egg Donors use the money they receive for a variety of things and fulfilling their life goals. Some popular choices are:

  • Offset student loans, tuition, textbooks, or even funding semesters abroad
  • Go to grad school
  • Purchase a car
  • Relocate to another city for a brand new start
  • Saving up for down payment for a new house
  • Invest in business
  • Travel the world!

The egg donation process allows you to chase your dreams while providing a financial cushion.

How to begin the egg donation process?

We suggest that you fill out the egg donor application to see if you are eligible. This will enable you to talk to one of our intake coordinators to know more about egg donation and to completely understand your compensation package for donating eggs. Along with the above-mentioned compensation, Egg Donors also enjoy the following benefit with us:

  • All travel expenses taken cared of
  • Free fertility medical exam & genetic testing
  • Additional compensation when you refer friends who are accepted into the program

Lucina is among the safest and best-paying egg banks providing a completely anonymous egg donation program. The best part is – you don’t need to wait till you are paired with hopeful parents to donate eggs, unlike in the fresh egg donor cycle. We will collect your eggs and freeze them using highly effective cryopreservation technology.

Apply with us.