egg donation for gay couples

The journey to parenthood can be difficult and emotionally tasking for gay couples and single men looking to have their own children. It usually involves using a Surrogate Mother to help them carry the baby. In addition to selecting a Surrogate, single men and gay couples will also have to choose Egg Donors. This can be a little bit overwhelming and daunting at times.

If you are an Intended Parent, you probably have plenty of questions already, and that’s normal and expected. Selecting an Egg Donor is a big, personal decision. So before you commence your family-building journey, take some time to wrap your head around the process with these simple tips for using an egg donor.

Where to start from

Egg donation is a crucial part of the surrogacy process, especially for gay male couples and single men trying to build a family. They may ask someone they know, e.g., a close friend or family member, to be their Egg Donors. However, they also have the option to partner with an unknown donor whom they select from a database of an egg donor agency or egg bank.

Gay partners or individuals who want to work with an agency often find it a matter of concern about the process, how it is carried out, how they can find the ideal donor to help them grow a family.

At Lucina Egg Bank, we have helped a lot of single fathers and gay couples looking for a donor to help them in their family-building journey. Of course, we know that the egg donation process can be challenging, but it does not need to be. Below are a few helpful tips for single men and gay couples trying to become parents with the help of egg donors.

1. Pause and take a deep breath

Choosing an egg donor is a very big decision, so it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. You need to take a deep breath and give yourself time to fully understand the entire process. While the Egg Donor plays a crucial role, it is also important to consider other things, like

  • You want a Surrogate
  • Selecting the right fertility clinic
  • How much money everything will cost

One of the advantages of growing a family in the US is that gay parents and single men have favorable laws on their side. Children born to single parents are now getting more accepted in society. Plus, it is now possible to make a viable embryo, which could then be transferred into the Surrogate Mother’s womb. The only con is that it involves a lot of expenses. Thus, it may take some time to prepare yourself financially for the process.

2. Select a fertility clinic

If you choose to use an unknown donor, it is crucial to look for the right fertility clinic. Make sure to pick a clinic where you will be well taken care of and respected. Look for doctors who have your interests at heart. The physician must be compassionate, kind, and most importantly, be ready to work with you during your parenthood journey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today at Lucina as we are partnered with many renowned fertility clinics from all over the nation.

3. Think about what matters to you

A lot of hopeful parents look for donors with certain features as them. If you are one of them, it will be good to sit down and list those qualities according to how important they are to you.

It is also crucial to figure out the qualities you can be flexible with because there’s a slim chance of finding someone who possesses the exact traits you desire. This may be the most difficult part of choosing an Egg Donor.


In short, do your research, ask questions, and trust your intuition when you feel like something isn’t right. Bear in mind that paying a higher fee to an Egg Donor or agency does not necessarily mean you will have top-quality donor eggs. It does not work that way!

Make sure to choose several potential candidates when selecting Egg Donors. There is a possibility that the person you will choose won’t have a successful cycle or that your preferred candidate will be ineligible to donate. In cases like these, you will have other options to select from.

If you are a single male, a gay couple, or an LGBT couple looking to grow your family using donor eggs, Lucina Egg Bank is always available to assist you in each step of your journey. Reach out to us today to know more about the gay family-building options using donor eggs

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