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One of the main benefits of Lucina Egg Bank is that you can instantly view an egg donor profile without having to sign up.

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Our donors are thoroughly screened by highly esteemed REIs (Reproductive Endocrinologists) to ensure that they have high-quality and viable eggs. Whether you are looking for a donor with a high IQ, specific aesthetics, gifts, or talents, our vast donor database assures you select the characteristics most important to you.

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Meet Lucina Refleggction AI

Find Your Ideal Egg Donor Using Advanced Facial Recognition Matching

Lucina ReflEggction brings the first of its kind donor matching process in the US that uses an advanced facial recognition algorithm based on phenotypic traits and a biometric scan. It analyzes various facial features and presents donors from our database who look the most like the Intended Parents.

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Your journey to parenthood will be shorter and more predictable.
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Our Past Intended Parents Share Their Experience

My first cycle with donor eggs was a success, and we ended up with our beautiful daughter, Isabel,...

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Frozen donor eggs gave us new hope and a fresh start...

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Fortunately, I found one (egg donor) on Lucina’s website. Immediately I saw her, I told myself she was the ”one”...

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We boast one of the largest donor databases with prescreened donors from diverse backgrounds. Select a donor of your preferred characteristics and we will take care of the rest.