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One of the main benefits of egg donation is its high success rate. Our donors are thoroughly screened by highly esteemed REIs (Reproductive Endocrinologists) to ensure that they have high-quality and viable eggs. Whether you are looking for a donor with a high IQ, specific aesthetics, gifts, or talents, our program assures you select the characteristics most important to you.

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Why Choose Frozen Donor Eggs

Medically Approved

A lot of doctors know the advantages of frozen donor eggs and now recommend them to their patients.


Recipient parents are able to coordinate their pregnancy without having to synchronize their cycle with the donor’s.


The cost of frozen donor eggs is significantly lower compared to fresh.

Stringent Protocol

Due to completing all egg retrievals at our clinic we have full centralized control of the quality of the donor.

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Guaranteed Yield of High Quality, Mature Eggs

Your journey to parenthood will be shorter and more predictable.
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