U.S. Donor Eggs and Embryo Solutions for French-Canadian Families

Lucina Egg Bank Offers Tailored Egg Donor and Embryo Solutions for French-Canadian Families.


Respecting Your Privacy and Anonymity

Understanding the importance of discretion for French-Canadian families in IVF journeys.

Privacy and Trust at the Core:

For French-Canadian families stepping into the world of IVF with donor eggs, we know how critical it is to feel secure and respected. At Lucina Egg Bank, your privacy isn't just a policy; it's our foundation. We implement the strictest privacy protocols to ensure that your journey remains confidential, respecting the nuances of your cultural and personal values.

Anonymity With Respect:

Our approach is tailored to maintain a respectful distance between you and your donor, safeguarding your identity while facilitating a connection to donors who honor your linguistic and cultural heritage. This ensures you can make choices that feel right for your family, without compromising your anonymity or the personal nature of this journey.

Culturally Attuned Support:

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of French-Canadian families, our support extends beyond basic privacy. We offer services in French, ensuring clear communication and a seamless, comfortable experience. Our team is trained in cultural sensitivity, ensuring that every interaction respects your unique cultural identity and the importance of your family's legacy.

A Commitment to Your Family's Future:

Choosing Lucina Egg Bank means partnering with a team that not only understands the importance of genetic lineage and cultural continuity but also prioritizes protecting these aspects with the utmost care and respect. We're dedicated to making your path to parenthood feel secure, respected, and aligned with your values.

Find Your Ideal Egg Donor: Tailored Profiles with Guaranteed Privacy

Unlock immediate, complimentary access to our extensive selection of egg donors. Our sophisticated database showcases over 1400+ donors, each with comprehensive profiles that include medical history, educational background, and personal interests, all while upholding the highest standards of privacy and anonymity. This feature is designed to respect your cultural and linguistic preferences, enabling you to effortlessly and confidently find a donor who not only meets your requirements but also resonates with your family's cultural and linguistic heritage. With Lucina Egg Bank, your journey to finding the perfect match is both secure and attuned to your values, ensuring a connection that feels right for your path to parenthood.

Aba 5001​

  • Ethnicity: European
    Age: 28
    Education: College equivalent
    Hair color: Light brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 5’8″
    Blood group: AB+
    Number of eggs: 6-8 (Incoming)

X 0219

  • Ethnicity: European
    Age: 23 years old
    Education: College in progress
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Black
    Height: 5’0″
    Blood type: B+
    Number of eggs: 6 (frozen)

Kry 2536

  • Ethnicity: European
    Age: 26 years old
    Education: Completed college
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Light brown
    Height: 5’2″
    Blood type: 0+
    Number of eggs: 6-8 (incoming)

Joy 0053

  • Ethnicity: Russian, European
    Age: 25 years old
    Education: College in progress
    Hair color: brown.
    Eye color: Light blue
    Height: 5’2″
    Blood type: A+
    Number of eggs: 6-8 (incoming)

Gab 9030

  • Ethnic origin: European
    Age: 22
    Education: High school
    Hair color: light brown.
    Eye color: Light blue
    Height: 5’8″
    Blood type: AB+
    Number of eggs: 6-8 (incoming)
Lucina ReflEggction face match gif 1


Personalized and Quick Donor Matching with Lucina ReflEggction

We’re proud to be the first in the U.S. to refine your donor search using advanced technology that not only considers physical characteristics but also places a significant emphasis on cultural and linguistic matching. This ensures that French-speaking families find a donor who not only meets their physical preferences but also aligns with their cultural and linguistic heritage, making the journey to parenthood deeply personal and reflective of their values.

Development Guarantee

Embryo Development Guarantee at Lucina Egg Bank

Guarantees on Each Cohort of Eggs

At Lucina Egg Bank, we promise that from every group of eggs, you’ll get at least one blastocyst embryo. This guarantee gives you confidence in your journey. Choosing the right guarantee program depends on your needs and budget. Some programs focus on providing a set number of eggs, ideal for budget-aware patients. Others include embryo creation and genetic testing (PGT-A) to ensure the embryos are healthy before transfer, reducing the chance of miscarriage.

Lucina Egg Bank’s Outcome

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Key Insights for Canadians Seeking U.S. Egg Donors with Lucina Egg Bank

Flexible Embryo Transfer Options: In-Clinic or At Home

If you select donor eggs from us, you have three options for creating your embryos:​

  1. We ship donor eggs to your Canadian clinic for fertilization and embryo creation.
  2. We create the embryos for you using your shipped or purchased sperm. We can then ship them to your Canadian clinic or introduce you to a US partner clinic for self-transfer or to work with a US surrogate.
  3. We offer the creation of fresh embryos through sperm donation in the clinic. Once created, we can ship them to the IVF center of your choice or arrange for you or your surrogate to have an embryo transfer in the United States.

Securing your parental rights with American egg donors

The legal frameworks for donor eggs in Canada and the United States differ significantly, with the United States offering a more open approach to donor compensation. This has led to a greater availability of egg donors of varying qualities, making it easier for prospective Canadian parents to find donors who meet their specific needs. The similarity in cultural and legal contexts between the two countries simplifies the process, allowing Canadians to access a wide selection of donors. Lucina Egg Bank takes full advantage of this, ensuring that Canadian customers benefit from the rich diversity and quality of American egg donors, all within a legal structure that firmly establishes their parental rights.

Benefits of a Frozen Egg Cycle

At Lucina Egg Bank, we understand that every family's IVF journey is unique. Frozen donor egg options allow for an immediate start without the need for cycle synchronization or waiting for donor egg retrieval, giving you both cost advantages and a more comprehensive range selection of donors. We ensure you can move forward at your own pace, prioritizing what matters most to you, whether that's budget or finding the perfect donor for your family's unique goals.

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