How Lucina is Different for Egg Donors


Transparent Compensation

No Waiting

Complete Privacy

Other Agencies

Other agencies promises their highest compensation of
$20K to $40K with hidden conditions revealed later.

With other agencies, you will wait for Intended Parent matching to donate and then get paid.

Most agencies offer open egg donation where Intended Parents will know your identity and have direct contact with you.


Lucina guarantees a minimum $8,000 to all of our Egg Donors, no hidden conditions.

Lucina’s frozen egg bank model allows you to donate as soon as you’re ready and get full compensation paid.

Lucina offers a fully anonymous egg donation program where your personal details are never revealed to the IPs.

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Why Choose Lucina?

Do You Need More Reasons to Choose Lucina?

With 30 years of excellence and trust, we’re not just the best egg bank in the US; we’re a family committed to making your donor experience a positive and rewarding one.

Celebrating Diversity

At Lucina, we believe diversity enriches us. Unlike agencies with limited acceptance, we proudly welcome donors from all ethnic backgrounds with open arms.

Guaranteed Compensation, No False Promises

Unlike many agencies that promise high payouts but reveal conditions later, Lucina guarantees a minimum $8,000 compensation with premiums reaching up to $15,000. Compensation is paid immediately after your donation. We cover all medical and travel expenses. Refer a friend to donate eggs with us and receive $800 per referral!

Care Beyond Donation

While many agencies’ support ends at donation, Lucina stands by you long after. We provide ongoing support because your well-being is our priority.

Health Comes First

Where some agencies push for higher egg yields at the expense of donor’s health, Lucina adheres to FDA guidelines, minimizing risks. Our in-house medical  team closely monitors and adjusts medication dosages to prioritize your health. Women have thousands of eggs and during a donation only about 15-20 eggs are being produced and retrieved.

Privacy and Transparency

We offer complete anonymity for our donors, setting us apart with full transparency throughout the donation process.

Fast & Easy Process

Unlike other Egg Donor programs, you won’t have to wait until an Intended Parent (person in need of an Egg Donor) selects your profile. If approved, you can start your egg donation journey immediately.

Egg Donor Qualifications

Who Qualifies to Become an Egg Donor?

Egg donation is highly regulated by the FDA and complying with the requirements is utterly important to accomplish the main objective of Egg Donation – helping Intended Parents to realize their dream of having a child. Here are the basic criteria a woman needs to meet to become an Egg Donor:

19 - 31 Years Old

Healthy lifestyle


BMI less than 28

Education a plus

19 - 31 Years Old

Healthy lifestyle


BMI less than 28

Education a plus

Want to see if you meet the Egg Donor criteria? Simply fill out a quick application to find out instantly.

Lucina Donor Stories

Hear from Donors Who Chose Us

I donated two years back when I was still in college. Two of my friends from school had already donated so I asked them every question I could think of before deciding to apply. I… Read More
Evelyn S.
At first, I only thought of earning extra money to help pay down my student loans. After a few cycles, the meaning of being an “egg donor” changed for me. It became about the experience,… Read More
Ellie S
I have donated twice with Lucina Egg Bank, and my experience both times was positive. They have a nice, welcoming, and compassionate team that prioritized my questions and safety during the donation process. Although I… Read More
Amara A.
It has always been my dream to donate eggs, and I’m happy I chose Lucina Egg Bank for my donation. The staff was experienced, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Michelle, Ava, and the others were able… Read More
E. Fulcher
Lucina Egg Bank is an excellent place to donate eggs! As a first-time donor, I had a lot of questions about the process, and the team took the time to answer all of them, making… Read More
Hannah W.
The experience couldn’t have been more positive and the process was 10 times easier than I thought it would be. I’ve donated twice and they are great to work with. Both of my coordinators, Lena… Read More
Wang Y.
Lucina Egg Bank is a great place if you're looking to donate eggs. I just did my first egg donation with them, and I couldn't have worked with a better team. They answered my questions… Read More
Feng X.
Lucina Team is helpful and totally supportive. Elaine and Rachel made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and made the donation cycle so much easier. Read More
Natalie S.
Third time donating to this program. Every time, it's been straightforward and I felt supported, valued, and appreciated from start to finish. The staff is very caring and makes sure I’m comfortable throughout the process.… Read More
Patricia J.
I have donated twice with Lucina, and I had a great experience both times. I admit that their screening process took a while the first time, but I was grateful to learn about my genetics… Read More
Olivia K.
I had a really satisfying experience with Lucina Egg Bank. The attention of the doctors was incredible and my coordinator was attentive at all times. Thanks for everything. Read More
Andrea G.
They are a very patient and very responsible team, they answer my questions and my concerns with very specific details. I would strongly recommend it. Read More
Kelly X.
The staff makes sure that your experience there is as comfortable as possible. Everyone was so nice, and they always got back to me as soon as possible too. Read More
Felicia V.
I completed my cycle with Lucina. It was such a wonderful experience. My coordinator was really thoughtful and helped me through the entire process. Would recommend it!!!!! Read More
Linh T.
I completed my 2nd Cycle with this Lucina Egg Bank. The coordinators and nurses are so great, and friendly, and supported me every step of the way. Would surely recommend 100 %. Read More
Wanda H.
I had an egg bank process with Lucina Egg Bank and it went to good and great experience. The staff is very nice and Dr. was really friendly and nice to me! Ellen and Dina… Read More
Lucina Egg Bank was recommended to me by a friend who had used their services. I was impressed with our easy their website is to navigate and their donor selection. I also liked that they… Read More
Eric A.
They are very patient and very responsible team, they answer my questions and my concerns with very specific details. I would strongly recommend. Read More
Kelly X.
We had the best experience with Lucina Egg Bank. Our intended parent manager was Natalie B. and she was simply amazing. She was very kind, patient, knowledgeable, and always on top of things. The whole… Read More
Our fertility clinic didn’t have any donors available of our ethnicity, which made us hesitant to go forward. Being able to check donor gallery for free and see that there are donors like us out… Read More
Walter E.
I had thought about becoming an egg donor since my sophmore year in college and applied to a few programs. I was accepted to 2 but didn't realize I had to be selected by a… Read More
I have previously donated with two different agencies, but my experience with Luciana Egg Bank was completely different. The process moved quickly, their communication was excellent, and they made me feel like part of their… Read More
It has always been my dream to donate eggs, and I’m happy I chose Lucina Egg Bank for my donation. The staff was experienced, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Michelle, Ava, and the others were able… Read More
Louise H.
Just finished my second cycle with Lucina and the process couldn't have been easier. I had been accepted into 9 other programs but none contacted me with a match. I was selected for Lucina's banking… Read More
Yami Y.
Our clinic was partnered with Lucina and once the treatment path was decided, we started looking for a donor on their gallery. Thankfully, we found a donor who looked a lot like me. I have… Read More
Rithelly S.
I just completed my first-ever egg donation with Lucina Egg Bank, and it was an amazing experience. They were very responsive to any questions I had, and the entire process went well. The staff were… Read More
Anna T.

The Donation Process

Straightforward, Fast Egg Donation Process

From application to donation, we’ve streamlined every step to ensure your experience is as rewarding as possible.

Be Their Hope and Be Rewarded

Who You are Helping

Egg Donors like you are a beacon of hope for families longing for a child.

Enable couples defeat infertility and fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Help LGBTQ+ families (such as same-sex male couples and single fathers) and couples who cannot produce eggs.

Cancer survivors who face challenges in conceiving naturally due to treatments like surgery and chemotherapy.

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