Emily Bennett - LUCINA Egg Bank

I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) when I was 27. I had a strong feeling that something was wrong and actually had a moment where I knew I couldn’t have any children. After years of counseling, crying, and grieving the loss of my ability to have children, my husband and I talked about our options and we thought an egg donor might be worth trying as I knew that it was my lack of eggs. We started looking for egg donors, and it felt wow! going through the profiles of donors and their pictures on Lucina online donor database is such a strange process. To think you can “pick” your child’s biological mother is quite overwhelming. We then planned how to choose a donor from these huge lists of profiles, where our coordinator Natalie helped us to choose the right fit, and then we were blessed to be able to create 5 embryos. Going from thinking no kids to the possibility of having