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What is the Gifted Futures EggShare Program?

The “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program is a unique opportunity for compassionate women to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others while safeguarding their own fertility. It is a program where donors can donate half of their retrieved eggs to help Intended Parents who are struggling with infertility. In return, donors are rewarded by being able to freeze and store the remaining half of their eggs for up to 8 years. This program allows donors to assist others in their journey to parenthood while preserving their own reproductive options for the future. It's a compassionate and empowering way to give and receive.

How does the “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program work?

The “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program allows donors to freeze and store half of their retrieved eggs for up to 8 years with our partner clinic RSMC as a reward for donating the other half. This ensures their own fertility while helping intended parents fulfill their dreams of having a family.

What are the benefits of participating in the “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program?

By participating in the “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of others while preserving your own fertility. You'll receive all necessary support, including covering travel expenses, medications, monitoring, and meal planning, without any out-of-pocket expenses.

How long can I store my frozen eggs?

As part of the “Gifted Futures EggShare” Program, you can store your frozen eggs with RSMC for up to 8 years. This gives you the flexibility to use the eggs for your own future reproductive needs or explore other options.

What if I decide to use my frozen eggs in the future?

If you decide to use your frozen eggs in the future, you can discuss the options with the dedicated team. They will guide you through the process and provide support for utilizing your frozen eggs.

What happens if I need to relocate or change fertility clinics?

If you need to relocate or choose a different fertility clinic in the future, the support team can assist you in safely transporting your frozen eggs to the new location, ensuring their continued preservation and usability.

Can I donate my frozen eggs through an egg/embryo donation program or to friends and family?

Yes, after or within the 8-year storage period, you have the option to donate your frozen eggs through an egg/embryo donation program or to friends and family if you so choose. We can provide guidance and information on the available donation pathways.

What are Your Future Options

  • You can utilize the frozen eggs for your own family-building journey.
  • Choose to continue storing the eggs by paying an annual storage fee.
  • Transfer the frozen eggs to another IVF center of your choice.
  • Donate the eggs through an egg/embryo donation program, to your friends and family.
  • Alternatively, you can sell the eggs back to the Lucina Egg Bank ($2-3k per cohort).

After the initial 8-year storage period, you have several options:

Help by Donating

Welcome to our groundbreaking Gifted Futures EggShare Program! We are thrilled to present you with an incredible opportunity that will enable you to help Intended Parents achieve their dream of starting a family, all while preserving your own fertility. 

Why Choose Our Gifted Futures EggShare Program?


Your selfless act of sharing your eggs as an anonymous donor enables individuals and couples who face infertility challenges to experience the joys of parenthood.

RSMC, our trusted partner, offers up to 8 years of free storage for your frozen eggs, ensuring their safekeeping until you decide to utilize them.

This program gives you the unique advantage of keeping and freezing half of the retrieved eggs.


Ready to Start Your Egg Sharing Journey?



Fill out the application online. We will notify you of your status via email immediately. Please check your junk Folder.

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Get Accepted

Once accepted we will get the ball rolling and you can complete some screening at a clinic close to you.

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You will sign contracts with us directly. You will remain completely anonymous to the Intended Parents throughout the process.

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Egg Retrieval

You will travel to our San Diego location (all expenses covered) for retrieval. Eggs are retrieved vaginally through a 15-minute minimally invasive procedure under sedation. You will return home between 24-48 hours after your retrieval.

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Find Out What Our Past Egg Donors Have to Say About Their Experience


Super happy about being able to help another family out! I know a lot of people through my parents who struggled with infertility and needing help so the infertility topic wasn’t new to me. The entire process including egg retrieval went very well. I love that I was able to give someone the chance to have a family. Getting money for it was just an extra plus.

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Jasmine 119-001 Jan 19, 2021

My experience with Lucina has been nothing but amazing. I just completed my second journey with them and the wonderful staff made my donations a breeze. I had tons of questions the first time and they were sooo patient with me explaining everything to me even when I asked for the 4th time. Crossing my fingers I may be able to donate a third time with them.

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Mary 986-001 Jan 24,2021

Thank you so much for everything. This was a wonderful experience, better than I could’ve ever imagined. Everything was so organized from my travel to get there to my egg retrieval. Everyone was so kind and professional.

Read More
Chelsea 435-001 Mar 03, 2021

Become an Egg Sharing Hero

Participate in our Gifted Futures EggShare Program and help Intended Parents realize their family dreams while preserving your own fertility.

Half of the retrieved eggs are shared with the Intended Parents.

Freeze and Store your remaining eggs for up to 8 years at $0 cost as a reward.

See If You Qualify

This is a completely anonymous process which means your identity will not be revealed to the Intended Parents

Our in-house monitoring program ensures your health and safety remains the top priority throughout the process

Lucina covers all costs related to travel, medications, and monitoring during the donation process.

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