By donating your eggs through Lucina's Gifted Futures EggShare Program you help build families and preserve your fertility.

Welcome to a program where generosity meets foresight—Lucina’s Gifted Futures EggShare Program. This initiative isn’t just about egg donation; it’s a journey of empowerment, enabling you to bestow the miracle of life upon those dreaming of parenthood. At the same time, you can safeguard your future family plans by freezing your eggs. Through our program, you’ll contribute to someone else’s happiness, and you will also enjoy the unique benefits that come with fertility preservation. Join us as we explore how Lucina’s Gifted Futures EggShare Program offers a pathway to make a meaningful difference and secure your reproductive future.

Why Consider Egg Donation?

The Joy of Helping Others Start a Family

Egg donation is a profound act of altruism, offering hope to those dreaming of parenthood and also offering benefits for you. Along the process, you get a comprehensive fertility workup free of charge, which will give you valuable clues about your fertility. Additionally, donors usually receive financial compensation if they choose our regular program. However, fertility preservation has grown in interest since many women start their families later in life.

Our Gifted Futures Egg Share Program allows you to secure your future fertility. In this way, you will gain peace of mind knowing you have extended a helping hand and preserved the option for your own family when the time is right—a true blend of compassion and forward-thinking.

The gift of egg donation gives hope to countless individuals and couples longing to hold a child of their own. By sharing your eggs, you’re not just donating; you’re delivering dreams and opening the door to new beginnings for aspiring families. The gratitude that comes from this act is immeasurable and lasts a lifetime.

Contributing to a Cause Bigger Than Yourself

Participating in egg donation transcends a mere medical procedure. It’s a selfless act that contributes to a greater good, embodying the spirit of community and support. Your decision to donate can be a cornerstone for a family’s foundation, a truly noble cause that extends beyond personal benefit.

Understanding Gifted Futures EggShare Program

How the Gifted Futures EggShare Program Works

Lucina’s Gifted Futures EggShare Program offers a harmonious balance of generosity and self-care. It allows you to donate half of your retrieved eggs to help others while preserving the rest for your future. It’s a partnership where your aspirations and the hopes of prospective parents grow together.

The Dual Benefit: Donation and Fertility Preservation

This unique program recognizes your dual role as a donor and an individual with her own dreams. While you aid in fulfilling others’ family goals, you also secure your biological clock, keeping your options open without the pressure of time.

The Fertility Preservation Advantage

Planning Your Future: The Importance of Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is an empowering choice, safeguarding your ability to start a family when you’re ready. As you generously donate eggs through Lucina’s Gifted Futures EggShare Program, you’re not just helping others fulfill their dreams of parenthood; you’re also taking a proactive step in your life’s journey.

By securing your reproductive potential, you ensure that when you choose to focus on your career, education, or personal growth, your chance to have a family in the future remains open. It’s a profound gesture of self-care that mirrors the hope you give to others, making sure the door to your own family stays wide open for when the moment is right.

How Freezing Your Eggs Can Offer Peace of Mind

Did you know a woman’s peak fertility is in her late teens and 20s? At that age, many women are focused on pursuing their careers and dreams, and they end up postponing starting a family. Unfortunately, fertility in women declines as they age, and if you decide to have children later, you may face fertility challenges. That’s why it’s a good idea to freeze your eggs as soon as possible instead of waiting until you’re 30 or later.

Choosing to freeze your eggs is like pressing pause on your fertility’s timeline, providing a sense of calm and control. With Lucina’s Gifted Futures EggShare, you can plan your path forward without compromise or concern for your reproductive future.

Health and Safety First

Comprehensive Health Screening and Support

Your health is our top priority. We ensure a thorough screening process and provide unparalleled support throughout your donation journey. Our team of fertility experts and coordinators make sure your experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our Commitment to Your Well-being During the Donation Process

Lucina’s main goal is to safeguard your well-being every step of the way. We’re not just facilitating a donation; we’re nurturing a partnership. We monitor your health closely, providing care that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Anonymity and Privacy in the Program

Understanding the Anonymous Donation Process

Your privacy is extremely important. Our anonymous donation process is designed to respect your choice to remain unknown to the recipients. It’s about connecting lives while maintaining your comfort and confidentiality.

Protecting Your Identity and Respecting Your Privacy

We have the highest standards of privacy in place, ensuring that your identity is protected throughout the process. Your journey as a donor is a personal one, and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

Long-Term Benefits and Support with Gifted Futures EggShare Program

Up to 8 Years of Free Egg Storage: What It Means for You

Imagine having complete control over your reproductive choices without the burden of storage fees. Lucina’s Gifted Futures EggShare Program includes the freezing costs and offers you up to eight years of free egg storage, giving you the flexibility to adapt to life’s changes.

Additionally, Lucina covers all costs related to travel, medications, and monitoring during the donation process. This means you only have to worry about enjoying the process that will help others and yourself.

Ongoing Support from Lucina’s Team

Our relationship doesn’t end at donation. Lucina’s dedicated team remains at your side, providing ongoing support and ensuring that your eggs are in safe hands for years to come. We’re invested in your long-term satisfaction and well-being.

Should your plans evolve—perhaps due to a natural pregnancy or a shift in your vision of parenthood—you have options. You can transfer your eggs to a different facility for convenience, donate them to family or friends, or if circumstances call for it, you can even sell your eggs back to Lucina. We provide you with a safety net for your fertility, so you can make decisions about your future with confidence and ease.

By joining the Gifted Futures EggShare Program, you’re not just giving a priceless gift to others; you’re also investing in your future. Are you ready to make a difference and secure your own path? Your decision to donate could be the start of someone’s long-awaited journey to parenthood—and a smart step for your own life plans.