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Our commitment to quality assurance includes collaborating with your IVF clinic to ensure we are a cohesive extension of your services. Our unique model for the Egg Donor journey provides superior egg quality for Intended Parents.

Stringent Donor Screening

Superior Success Rates

Guarantee Programs

Meet the Expert Team Waiting for you at ASRM 2023

We are eager to meet you at the ASRM 2023 Scientific Congress & Expo. Visit booth #1644 to learn more about our latest innovations, partnership advantages, and future programs.

Dr. David Harari, M.D.

President, Chief Medical Officer

Julianna Nikolic

Chief Strategy Officer

Brooke Stevens

Clinical Partnership Manager

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October 14 – 18, 2023

Lucina Egg Bank: Revolutionizing Donor Selection through AI

Introducing the USA’s pioneering approach to donor matching: Lucina Egg Bank’s state-of-the-art facial recognition system. We refine the matching process like never before by leveraging a sophisticated algorithm focused on phenotypic traits and biometric scans. This groundbreaking technology assesses intricate facial features, presenting donor profiles in our extensive database that resemble the Intended Parents the most.

While most egg donor agencies base matches on standard clinical and phenotypical criteria such as hair color, height, and blood type, Lucina Egg Bank elevates the experience. Our advanced technology streamlines and enhances the donor egg journey for your patients, ensuring a faster, more intuitive, and successful match.

Are you eager to delve deeper into this innovation? Get in touch with us.

Lucina Egg Bank Success Rates

Physician Stimulated Donor Cycle

Lucina Egg Bank (Year 2022)

Industry Average

Survival rate



ICSI fertilization



Blastocyst formation



Clinical pregnancy success rate (Based on hCG Level)



Advantages for Your Clinic

Stringent Screening Protocols

All presented candidates undergo stringent screening protocols before egg retrieval, ensuring the best donor egg quality.

Superior Success Rates

As of 2022, our frozen donor eggs success rate surpasses the national average, with ICSI fertilization at 89.1% and clinical pregnancy rate above 60%.

Faster Process 

With our frozen egg bank approach, there’s no need for cycle synchronization, which translates into a shorter IVF timeline.

IVF Referrals

We are more than happy to refer your clinic to IVF patients looking for a dependable IVF center and residing in your area.

Database Integration

For interested patients, you can easily embed our Egg Donor gallery on your clinic website.

Worldwide Shipment

We can ship the egg cohorts to most clinic locations, no matter which part of the world you are located in.

Allows You to Offer Better Patient Care

We strive to reduce cost and minimize time spent by your staff by managing the entire egg donation process, from recruitment and screening to ovarian stimulation, vitrification, and shipping. Your clinic benefits from our services, so you can focus more on patient care and accelerating the COP timeline.

Advantages for Your Patients

Instant Donor Database Access

Intended Parents can get instant access to our Egg Donor gallery without contacting us directly. This allows your patient to choose their ideal candidate from the comfort of their home.

Affordable Cohorts

We’re proud to be one of the most affordable egg banks in the US. Our egg cohorts come at a comparatively lower fixed price as our bid to make donor egg cycles much more accessible for everyone.

Diverse Donor Background

We boast one of the largest egg banks in the nation, with Egg Donors coming from a very diverse racial background. Thus, Intended Parents have better chances to find Egg Donors matching their family goals.

Blastocyst Guarantee Program

We offer a blastocyst guarantee program that at least one embryo will develop from each cohort of eggs.

Immediate Availability

Our large pool of top-quality donor eggs is immediately available for IVF. Moreover, Intended Parents can also reserve incoming egg cohorts in advance.

Beginning Our Partnership

Whether your IVF clinic wants to become our partner to help patients look for quality vitrified donor eggs or your patient begins the process after seeing a donor profile they liked on our database, we are ready to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Step 1

Get Our Information

Reach out to us if your patient selected a donor from our database. If the patient contacts us first, we will contact you to coordinate the donation process. We have educational brochures that you can give to your patients. If you want the handouts, please email us at [email protected] with your clinic information and let us know how many brochures you want.

Step 2

Sign Up Online

Your patient signs up to see our donors’ complete profiles and pictures at no cost and works with our staff to select a donor. We can also offer web integration, so Intended Parents can check our donor database on your website.

Step 3

We Reach Out To You

We will keep you in the loop and work closely with your team to streamline the documentation and prepare for transportation.

Step 4


We schedule the shipment of the purchased cohorts based on the optimal timing for your clinic to receive the oocytes.

We Would Love to Answer Your Questions!

We offer a variety of appointment formats to best suit your needs – be it telephone, Zoom meeting or an on-site visit with your team!